1. Two piece dress, 2. Slim fit dress, 2. Party dress, 4. Lace dress


Hello Veralistas

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to pamper yourself or someone you care about. We have collected some different musthaves for Valentines so there is something both for you who have a date or you who just need to pamper yourself.

1. Lace trim bra, 2. Lace bra, 3. Strappy lace bra, 4. Lace bra


Bras are always a bestseller during Valentine. Treat yourself and your partner to a nice new bra for the wardrobe. 


1. Floral bodysuit, 2. Blonde bodystocking, 3. Blonde bodystocking


Bodysuits are truly a must-have for your wardrobe. Bodysuits can be used both as underwear but can also be used as a top and styles with a pair of nice pants.


1. Drop earrings, 2. Handbag (ONLY DKK 99), 3. Lace bra, 4. Wrap ring


If you do not have a date on Valentines, it is always a good day to use as an excuse to pamper yourself or a friend. Do you have a great girlfriend who deserves to know that you value her? Then you can e.g. surprise her with the handbag above, it is reduced to only DKK 99 and has a pre-price of 499 - so you save 80%.



Happy valentines! ♡

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