Steal the style!

Hey sweeties!
We all know that Kim Kardashian loves chokers and therefore here are the most delicious chokers for you!
Pssst. they all cost less than DKK 200! To choke, or not to choke ... Well, this spring the choker goes again.

The choker is an incredibly beautiful and luxurious accessory and it both lengthens your neck and generally just adds the finishing touch to the perfect look!
The choker can be used both when you hit the dance floor, but also for everyday use!  

These are our favorites Veraldo right now!

SHOP: diamond choker 189 kr
SHOP: choker 149 kr
SHOP: leather choker 99 kr
SHOP: choker set 199 kr
Oh yes, that sounds too good to be true, but here you can get as many as 9 chokers for only DKK 199! See all 9 chokers by clicking on the link. 

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