1. Shoulder bag with chain // 2. Crossbody with chain // 3. Crossbody // 4. Shoulder bag with chain // 5. Crossbody with chain // 6. Clutch with chain // 7. Crossbody with chain // 8. Crossbody with chain


All of the bags above are part of your clear favorites throughout Veraldo's lifetime. All the bags are designed with delicious chain details that make them perfect for both party and everyday. The first bag can hold a 13 "macbook and still have some space for books and it is therefore a big hit among our customers for both school and work use.

The other bag is ingenious for the things you usually have in the everyday bag. There is room for an iPhone, a small purse, lip gloss, keys, etc. All the little necessary things we would rather not be without. 




In addition to the classic chain bags, you see above a selection of our brand new bestsellers that have been torn away as soon as they came online. 


Watch them HERE

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