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Hello Veralistas


Then it was the month of February and time to inspire you with the items we at least would not be able to do without in our wardrobe this month.

Many are so lucky to be able to take a week's winter vacation in just a little while. For that occasion, we have gathered a few different favorites for you below. There is inspiration for both a holiday in the south and for the ski holiday 


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Bikinis are a must if you are lucky enough to have your winter vacation heading south. We have a large selection of different bikinis in different colors and prints. You can find everything from the popular shirred bikinis you see above, to basic bikinis or to bikinis with animal prints - which are really popular right now.


Do you need a nice warm sweater for your holiday? See the entire selection HERE



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Fur jackets is a clear must-have garden if you are going on a skiing holiday or just spending your winter holiday at home. The fur jackets are available in 4 different colors and in 4 different models. All fur jackets are made of faux fur which is artificial fur. We have worked hard and long to make the fur jackets as delicious and soft as the real furs. Now you can buy yourself a delicious soft coat, with a clear conscience, without it affecting the animals 💪

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