Christmas gift ideas 2018


The teddy bear jackets is a huge hit and tops the wish lists of many this year.

We started by producing the jacket in the brown color on the right side of the picture but due to the huge demand for more colors, it is now online in 6 different colors. The jacket is completely normal in size but many choose to take a size larger and use it as a good oversize jacket. See all the teddy bear jackets  HERE.




The shoulder bags with chain is an all time favorite with our customers. As with the teddy bear jacket, we started with the black one and later got more colors in due to the high demand. This bag is really a must-have in the wardrobe as it can be used for both school, city trips, a visit to a friend and much more. It just goes to everything. There may be a 13 "macbook in the bag, which also means that many of our customers choose to use it for school use.





Faux fur jackets is a perfect gift idea for all ages. We have mothers who come both with their daughter and with their own mother and all 3 end up buying one of the fur jackets. Whether you are for a jacket with a hood or without a hood, a short or a long jacket, you can find fur jackets in all shapes and colors here. This can be a gift for mother, gift for daughter or gift for grandmother.


Christmas presents for her

If you did not find something that matched the lucky owner of your Christmas gift above, we have found some basic wishes that can be for your girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, sister, grandmother, sister-in-law and other lucky women in your life. 


  • Bags - Bags come in all shades and in many fine colors with different details. We have everything from a basic black handbag that can be used for school or work to a nicer bag that your loved one can use when she goes out.
    - See all the bags here
  • Jewelry - Jewelry is always a sure hit and is an easy and nice gift that can be given to any woman in your life. Surprise e.g. girlfriend with a fine necklace with heart jewelry. You can also find a cute necklace at a great price for mother-in-law and win some cheap points. 
    - See all the jewelry here
  • Knitwear - Give her a nice warm nice knit sweater which can help her keep her warm here in the cold. A knit sweater is perfect for the many cold days we encounter and can be styled in many different ways.
    - See all sweaters here
  • Underwear - Treat your wife or boyfriend with some cute underwear that she will definitely be happy with. Depending on how open your partner is, we can recommend giving this gift before it is placed under the Christmas tree at the mother-in-law's home and opened in front of the whole family.
    - See all underwear here
  • Gift card - If she is one of the women who already just owns everything, we can recommend buying a gift card for her. You can put anything from DKK 100 to DKK 2,000 on your gift card with us. The gift card will not have an expiration date. 
    - Make your gift card here

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