Faux Fur Trends


Many famous faces and instagrammers promoted Faux Furs on their social media last year, and they will do so again this year. Wearing a Faux Fur jacket has become a style in itself because one can pretty much wear all types of clothing underneath the jacket. The jackets have a stylish look, are often expensive and have a touch of prestige. This helps to lift the jackets up to a level so that the trend will be recognized again this year. There are now some who sell Faux Fur jackets, but not many have a wide range, which we want this year. Many people choose the Faux Fur jackets over fur jackets which are produced with real fur. As we focus more on climate and the environment, it only contributes to the trend of Faux Fur jackets rising and sales of real fur jackets falling. We hope you this year, maybe just like last year choose to buy your jacket from us. We have focused incredibly much on developing the products for this year's collection, and you will see, very soon ..

We still have some Faux Furs in stock from last year's collection. 
They are all on offer, so do yourself a favor and shop them here:

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