Christmas is coming!

Gift Tips!

Then we ended up again in the month of November. November is always a wonderful month because then we are even closer to Christmas and New Year, which means Christmas presents and New Year dresses. In this blog post, we have collected a lot of new delicious products that have come online in recent times. There are both gift ideas for her, the wife, the sister and a whole fourth. In addition to this blog post, there will soon be a post about the perfect New Year's dress. Stay tuned girls!

Trumpet blouses

We have launched new delicious trumpet blouses at the shop and we can already see that our customers love them. If you have a fashionable boyfriend, girlfriend or daughter, buy this stylish black trumpet blouse because she will love it. click here

Cozy sweaters

Whether it is a choker, high neck, off shoulder or ruffles, you will find it right now in a knit sweater version with us. We have done a lot to get this year's trends included in our range, so that they can also be shopped now when the weather gets colder. Find all knit sweaters - click here

New bags

If you do not know the size of the gift you want to give, buy a bag! As you know, a bag has only one size and is a sure choice for a perfect Christmas gift. A bag can be used both in everyday life, but also for more beautiful events. See our brand new selection at the shop and find the perfect Christmas gift. click here


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